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How To Teach Change Management for Office 365 -Teams and Planner

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My blog entry gives you the how – Change Management for Office 365 utilizing Planner – and here is the why.

Right off the bat, the message focus isn’t really accessible to the general population office 365 who need to make the move – so helping the worldwide administrators and administration managers to get the message out to the general population who truly need to know must be a need. I know from the help end that occasionally things that we have reported more than once by means of different channels – including the message focus – can in any case come as an amazement to some end clients.

Following on from that it isn’t just extraordinary to know you have told the perfect individuals the message – yet far better to know they heard the message and have made a move and finished whatever it is they have to do (regardless of whether it is just to recognize that they heard!). Organizer and the example I portray on my blog enables this correspondence to happen – not simply into Planner, but rather by utilizing a Plan in a Microsoft Team is an incredible place for the discussion to proceed if essential!

For instance I’ve been consequently allocated the errand for MC118086 – We’re rolling out a few improvements to SharePoint Online pages – so I can survey the undertaking, stamp it in advance and set the begin date – then contact my associates to check whether we would be affected here?


As I’m now in Teams I can start up a discussion.



The Office 365 Global Admin can investigate the whole arrangement in the event that they have to and screen the advance.

In my examples I’ve utilized a solitary arrangement and afterward pails for every item – however with combination to groups you may well have distinctive groups and plans that should be advised. Sufficiently simple – you can simply work out the example to not simply utilize one PlanId – but rather have numerous Plans as a component of the setup json document with the goal that the undertaking gets put into the correct Team’s arrangement – in the correct container and appointed to the correct asset.

I additionally complete a hourly force and after that check if the title as of now exists in Planner. You could utilize some unique rationale here and furthermore track the status of the messages and treat them distinctively in the event that you expected to. A lot of extension for message taking care of – yet in addition other administration data that can be perused with similar API.

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